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“Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.”Maria Montessori

Our Programs

Transition Room


Boosting your child’s brainpower starts early at Woodpark Montessori. Our infant program is geared towards children ages 6 weeks through 16 months.
Toddler Room


At Woodpark, when children are developmentally ready they move on to our Transition Room! In the transition room they are introduced to many new exciting skills alongside beginning Montessori Education.
Preschool Room


We begin a more structured learning in our Toddler room. We incorporate exciting planned play opportunities for our toddlers as well as continuing their Montessori education from the Transition room!


We teach our preschoolers about the world around them through hands-on participation at their own pace! We believe that preschoolers should be given time to experience education and understand concepts in a way that makes sense to them. The preschool picture that the preview has now can stay the same!


We have a unique and highly valuable Kindergarten program! Our director, Miss Misty, is also our Kindergarten teacher. Over the past 20 years, we have learned so much from each other and she has helped create an amazing program that brings special one-of-a-kind concepts.


Below you will find information each of our lead teachers has written about themselves. They are each unique and have strengths that they bring to our Woodpark family. Each of them has been with us for many years, some spanning back to Woodpark’s first years. They each make up a huge part of our school and the community we have here. Their love for the children they work with is vast and they truly care about the education of the children in their classrooms!
Miss Misty
Miss Misty
Director and Lead Curriculum Coordinator
Started teaching at Woodpark in 1995
I am Miss Misty; I have been working here at Woodpark since 1995. I went to DCTC for Early Childhood Development. I also did Montessori training. I love teaching and watching children learn new concepts. I believe that children are little sponges and are capable of learning so much more than we realize!
I am married to Steve. We have 2 beautiful kids that keep us busy. Ethan is 14, and Autumn will be 10. They are both funny and love being outside like me. We have 5 cats. We also have chickens at our friend’s house.
I love nature!! I like to hike and be outside. I love all animals and enjoy taking pictures of nature. I also love to bake, read, and go on road trips with Steve. I hope to see the ocean someday!!
Priyanthi Sundaram
Priyanthi Sundaram
Opened Woodpark Montessori in 1990
Hello! My name is Priyanthi! My husband, Nimal and I opened Woodpark in 1990. We started Woodpark in a very small location and slowly grew into the school we have today! We are so grateful to have such amazing, dedicated teachers. Nimal and I are so excited for our daughter, Dilini, to take over in January 2016. Her passion and the hard work she puts into the school amazes us every day.
As far as me, I love to swim and spend time with Nimal and Dilini. You will come to know that cooking is my favorite thing to do.
Miss Dilini
Miss Dilini
Attended Woodpark Montessori in 1994,
Started volunteering at Woodpark in 2007
Started working at Woodpark in 2010
My mom and dad started Woodpark Montessori in 1990, so technically I have been here before I was even born! My birthday is May 7th 1994. I graduated from Apple Valley high school in 2012 and plan to graduate from Iowa State University in 2016. Afterwards I will be working at the Montessori!
I have been around the Montessori all my life. Miss Misty, Miss Grace, Miss Gerta, Miss Erica, and of course my parents were all my teachers when I went to Woodpark! A lot of my teammates and classmates throughout high school went to Woodpark as well! Even my roommate in college went to Woodpark with me.
I really enjoy traveling with my parents, they are my world. My parents are from an island called Sri Lanka, so going back to visit my family is always fun! I played lacrosse in high school and now play for Iowa State. Phy Ed is one of my favorite things to do with the kids!
Miss Erica
Miss Erica
Lead Toddler Teacher
Started teaching at Woodpark in 2000
Hello I’m Miss Erica, or as the kids call me “Miss E-ca.” I am the lead toddler teacher and have been at Woodpark Montessori for 14 years! I love interacting with the toddlers each day and I am also fluent in toddler!
I have been with my boyfriend Kevin now for 4 years, and his beautiful daughter Cloe who is 13. I have a dog named Hunter and he is my buddy! I’ve never had a dog, so it has been a lot of fun experiencing all of the new and exciting adventures with him.
One of the new things that I tried last summer was 5Ks! The first one that I was a part of was the Color Run which was a blast! I was also a part of Muckfest, where we raised money for the fight for MS. It was a blast and I was able to challenge myself! I mean who wouldn’t have fun doing an obstacle course in the mud!
Miss Grace
Miss Grace
Lead Preschool Teacher
Started Teaching at Woodpark in 1998
I have been teaching at Woodpark for over 16 years and in the early childcare field for over 25 years. I received my International Montessori Teaching Diploma through the North American Montessori Center. I also went to Dakota Tech for Early Childhood Development. I am from Trinidad and Tobago and love to go back for visits. I have been married for 30 years and have two wonderful children. I enjoy singing and reading in my free time.
Miss Gerta
Miss Gerta
Lead Preschool Teacher
Started Teaching at Woodpark in 1996
I am from Estonia and received my Master's from Tallinn Pedagogical University. I taught grades 1-2 for many years in Estonia. I have been working at Woodpark for 16 years now. I decided to get my International Montessori Teaching Diploma through North American Montessori Center. I am married and have a son, Mark, who is 21 years old. He was a student here at Woodpark! I enjoy reading, traveling and going to concerts at Orchestra Hall.
Miss Megan
Miss Megan
Lead Transition Teacher
Started at Woodpark in 2015
Hello! I am Miss Megan! I enjoy hiking, traveling, and playing all different types of sports. In high school I played basketball, softball volleyball, and golf. One of my favorite things to teach children is different games and activities during physical education. I also really enjoy cooking and trying different types of foods.
I recently moved to the Burnsville area after graduating from Minnesota State University, Mankato. One of my favorite quotes about teaching is “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.”
Miss Kristin
Miss Kristin
Lead Infant Teacher
Started at Woodpark in 2014
I started working as a lead teacher at Woodpark in 2014 with the opening of the young infant room. I enjoy watching children reach new milestones and become confident in their new found abilities.
My husband Joe and I live in Eagan and have two daughters. Meagan is a student at the University of Minnesota and Annie is in elementary school. I enjoy cooking, reading, attempting Pinterest projects, and spending as much time as possible with my family.
Misty Taking a Walk with the Kids
Meet our Director!
Miss Misty started at Woodpark when she was just 16 years old in 1995. Not only is she our director, but she is also our lead curriculum coordinator. Miss Misty has a very unique approach to teaching. One of her favorite activities to do with our students is go on nature walks. Pointing out all the different kinds of birds and trees is one of the many hands on activities she does.
Alumni of the Month
Blayr went to Woodpark from 1999 - 2003! Miss. Misty, Miss Erica, Miss. Grace, Miss. Gerta, and Miss. Priyanthi were all her teachers too! She was the captain of the Varsity Lacrosse team at Apple Valley High School, and graduated in 2014. She is now a Sophomore at Winona State University. She continues to play lacrosse and was on the Dean’s List for her first two semesters of college! She looks back fondly on her time at Woodpark and loves to come back and visit all her teachers! She still has the perfect handwriting she learned while in our classrooms!
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